Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Fake Tan: Epic Fail

This is not a photoshopped image with some dork's head cut 'n pasted onto the body of a an African American body builder.  This actually happened at the Arnold Classic Europe Competition.

Evidently Contestant #49 was too fixated on looking good when he should have been focused on looking his best.

The "Ah-nold" was first set up in Columbus, Ohio where the U.S. Version of the competition still happens every March.  And if it isn't something to see, then parking yourself in the hotel dining rooms each morning is to see the men whose necks are bigger than my thighs choking down massive amounts of proteins is worth the trip.

As for the fake tan stuff...

Then they roll it on like Spread Satin?   Really?  I love to paint - sign me up!

More on this here


  1. wonder if he left the other head white?

  2. Another half-baked plan goes awry.

  3. Let the finger-painting puns begin.

  4. There's a lot of things that are strange about body building, in my opinion. It's not just about the muscles apparently, but also about the veins you can see. I heard that they all have exaggerated tans because the muscles are more defined when tanned. They're also at their weakest usually. Normally they don't eat and especially don't drink anything before a competition, so they're horribly dehydrated, because being dehydrated gives better definition. It's a strange sport, all I'm going to say.