Thursday, October 18, 2012

And we are once again waiting...

Today we are waiting yet again.  This time for the husband's Ford Escape to be inspected.  We tried to go to the dealership's "quiet room", but there is an old couple with an off putting odor around them.  The husband believes that one of them depended too much on their adult diapers.  AND THEY ARE SPEAKING VERY LOUD BECAUSE THEY FORGOT THEIR HEARING AIDS.

So we are sitting in the general waiting room area.   And the only seats available are by the door to the employee bathroom.  Charming.

In the kiddie waiting area, three blond moppets are playing away on the dealership's collection of broken toys.  We think this is good as it builds character in life, and a healthy imagination.

There are several people on their cell phones, yabbering away and the young man standing at the parts counter to the left of it all is relieving the latest episode of The Arrow to a dimwitted employee.

There is one good looking man, but that he acts like he knows that he is good looking negates that.

So while I type, the husband is happily reading back issues of People and Entertainment Weekly.

This is my life for the day.  Hooray!


  1. Hubby’s reading waiting room magazines?

    Be sure he uses hand sanitizer afterwards.

    1. By now you'd think I'd know not to click on MJ's hyperlinks while eating.

      BTW, Cookie, I know that smug, good looking man.

  2. I think that's what life is all about, waiting for vehicle inspections, dealing with people, etc. It's in the times of sitting next to one another avoiding the smell from a bathroom that you live. Let's face it, trips to Cabo San Lucas are the exception to that rule.

    1. Amen! Life is waiting for death, if you think about it. ;-)