Monday, July 2, 2012

Sans Scooby-Doo and the Mystery Machine

So now we're back in Cowlumbus, again.  Another whirlwind trip to "Balimore" is complete.  Their electrical situation is no better than Cowlumbus.  So what were we doing in Baltimore, again?

We spent the day traipsing through dark houses with a Realtor.  Why?  Because Cookie lives in total fear of being homeless, and Cookie wants a house.   The husband wants one too, because he is tired of my whining.

When did Daphne become an Asian?

ANYHOW, we toured several charming houses with David and Melissa, our dynamic realty duo.  But we did it in the heat, with no electric power, and flashlights.  There we were, creeping through 1920s Colonials and "Ranchers" trying to find a home, peering about.  I felt as if we were looking for clues.  The only thing missing was the Mystery Machine and Scooby-Doo.

We toured a lovely little home on street named "Saint Dunstan's Garth" in the Homeland neighborhood of Baltimore.  A "Garth" is a cloister, and the seven houses on the garth are all very sweet.  It was a charming little place.  Nicely placed rooms.  But truth be told, the ceilings was a tad bit low.  I am 6 foot, the husband is that and three inches taller and there was a concern of whacking our heads. We met the neighbors, who were lovely people, and thats a plus in any neighborhood.  But the nail in the coffin of said cottage was that there was no place to put the Oldsmobile and no way it ever would have fit on the Garth.  And so the Garth fell by the side, and so did our wishes of sending out invitations to "get togethers" headed by the phrase "Party On, the Garth".

We toured another house on "Dark Star Way".  Seriously, who names these places?  In that house we were surprised by a sleeping owner sprawled in his bed, shades drawn.  We left, quickly.  You never see that on House Hunters.  Just ugly wallpaper border.  Well this guy was out like a light and snoring.  Now that would be compelling TV.

Many of the houses were really dated.  Lots of mauve.  Lots of cream colored lacquered furniture.  Lots of cheap brassy ceiling lights with beveled glass crystals hanging from prongs.  Do these people not stage their houses?  I mean, yes, a major storm has blown through, but do none of these people watch HGTV?  The house on the Garth was feeling better, all of the time. 

Then we went to the Cedarcroft neighborhood, and found a two-story and everything clicked.  The house is a whopping 600 square feet larger than our house now, and it felt like a mansion to us.   And that storm on Friday night? It toppled a tree behind the garage on the neighbor's house.  Thankfully, no one was hurt, but you do get to meet neighborhood people as they are gathered around that house with a 100 foot tall pin oak resting on top of it.

We have set up an offer, it was countered, and we accepted.  So we are "in contract".  The home inspection is next week, and that could mean that have to start over.  If we do, it won't be the end of the world.  It just means more houses to report on.

Once we close, I'll share pictures.


  1. I'm already in your driveway, housewarming gift in hand. Peering in windows, re-arranging flowerpots, shook your doormat numerous times. Hurry up, already!

    1. Have the locks changed, Cookie.

  2. So what do you think of the color scheme?

  3. What a relief & meeting the neighbors always relieves some tensions...

    Can't wait to see the pictures!