Thursday, July 26, 2012

Five showings in one day and not an offer in sight

I can tell you that it is still a buyers market in Real Estate Land.

The house has been on the market for 14 days and while the comments are flattering, no one has stepped to the plate and wants to buy our house.

Today we had - 4 (FOUR!) freaking showing and nothing.  NADA.

We have had agents come back through with clients for second showings and one even brought people through for a third showing.

We get comments back through the Columbus Board of Realtors and those comments include:

"What a bargain!"

"It's so clean!  I wouldn't change a thing!"

"In my single woman fantasies, this would be a no brainer."

The group that cracks me up, though, is a young couple who are getting their first house, but her Mother is footing the down payment.  From what I hear, the daughter LOVES the house and wants the house.  Her husband likes it because every major system has been updated.  

But the Mother?  "She's not on the same page as the daughter."  Of course she isn't.  She wants the couple to buy the house she wants.  I can imagine the conversation:

Daughter: "But it has everything that we want and its thousands less then Clintonville proper!"
Mother:  "I'm not giving you any money for that house.  I wouldn't live in it!  You want something sensible, something low maintenance - you know, carefree ranch living."

The Realtor thinks that Mom can be swayed.  We'll see.

In other news, we have our closing set for the Baltimore house.  So this place has to sell, and soon.