Wednesday, October 20, 2010

They got a May/December Catholic "thang" going on

The Pope's personal Sceretary is Monsignor Georg Gänswein, a German Priest who has been devoted to Bennedict for some time.  Wish my Priest looked that good in a pair of cargo pants...

And here's a little Cece Peniston singing We Got A Love Thang in their honor!


  1. Seeing this makes me want to order the 2011 Calendario Romano.

  2. Wow.... he does look good as a hand bag...
    And MJ. That link is enough to make me think about taking my vows...

  3. I would gladly kneel before Father September.

    During my single foray into Catholic School, the school had a 30ish Father who would swim every day in the hour before our gym class could access the pool. He was beautiful and built. One of our teachers referred to him as "Father What-A-Waste"

  4. Okay, my word verification? "POTION"!