Sunday, October 24, 2010

A new member to the Cookie family!

With my father being in the same employ for the past 15 and a half years (he's occupying a grave in NE Ohio), its been awhile since I discovered that I have a new half brother or step-brother or sister thanks to his efforts 

Imagine my surprise then today when I received a cell phone call from a friend that I have know since elementary school (42+ years) who said "I think we're related."  And as it turns out, we are: I have a new step-sister!

I don't want to go into details, lets just say that her "birth mother" married my "father", but I didn't know that "Hotpants" (my mother's code word for this wife) had had this child, who was adopted and then became a school mate of mine in kindergarten.  Hell, at that point my father was still four years off from marrying "Hotpants."

So I told her what I knew about Hotpants, and yes, I told her that "Hotpants" was this woman's code name, and I sent her a lovely face picture of her birth mother that my grandmother had.  Turns out, my friend recognized her nose in her birth mother's nose.

Discovering this was a very happy moment, because I have always cared for this friend, and now we have familial bond.  More important, I have a sister.  Something I have wanted for my whole life.

So I am sending her out all manner of good vibrations and hope that this journey she is on continues to offer to her only the best.


  1. Have a cigar!

    No wait...that's if you're the father, not the brother.


  2. Thank you! I am so proud of the new step-sister and mighty proud to add her to the branches of the wacky family tree!

  3. The wacky family tree has fresh fruit!

    You'll have loads of stories to share with her.

  4. Whatever you do, keep her away from reading, "The Hair Hall of Fame" until you know her better.

    Are you going girl clothes shopping with her?

    Congratulations on having the weirdest step/half-sister story ever.