Sunday, April 14, 2024

The Tombstone Twitch

Over the end of last week, Cookie and The Husband developed a terrible case of Tombstone Twitch.  

 And it could only be treated within a couple days of the Ohio Genealogical Society's Annual Convention and Meeting. 

Now y'all know that I am a genealogist, but we have these together where we all pile into a conventional environment and receive education on the topic at hand.  There are vendors, and those vendors sell us goods and services if we so choose to buy.  We meet up with friends, we eat a great deal, and then we drink, and it can get pretty raucous. 

How raucous? 

Not like the Morticians can get.  Do you want fun? Crash a mortician's convention.  Seriously.  They know how to party.  And there are a lot of very good younger morticians. 

Anyhow, back to genealogists.  A lot of us are friends.  And our friends bring their friends.  So we enjoyed a lot of good food and a lot of good laughs.  And yes, there was the quaffing of a good many beers and cocktails. 

I used to go more often, but it's hard to get back to these when you live 450 miles away. 

This year it was at the Kalhari Resort in Sandusky.  And it was crawling with children on spring break.  Fortunately, they are not allowed in this monstrous convention facility. 

These events are wonderful if you are into these kinds of things, and I am.  On a state level, they seem to be a bit more basic.  On a national level - like Rootstec, they can be overwhelming.  Still, we have a good time. 

An extra bonus is that when in Sandusky - home of Cedar Point - there are a plethora of places to eat.  So on Friday for lunch, we snuck out and went up the road for Lee's Fried Chicken, and it was so flipping good. 

Highlights for Cookie included a new and different way to look at Family Search and get the search to do what I want and a better to delve into estate files and loose paperwork to get identifying information on women's dower rights in the 19th century. 

Now to go out in the field and get to work.


  1. "Women's dower rights in the 19th century"? I love listening to a geek conversation; it's like entering a different world... Jx

  2. I just love the fact that everybody in the room is probably related, if you go back far enough.