Saturday, April 6, 2024

Being there for what happens, and...


Mitsubishi Eclipse. Are any of these left around?
I guess we won't see one of those this week, either.

...not damning the universe for what does or will not happened is Cookie's motto going into the eclipse.  

We are in the path of totality in Clevland, and in the heights, although the westside will get a 15 seconds longer in totality than we will.  Still, count your blessings my mother used to say.  

And for this event, I am.

Still, the weather forecast is not good, and not bad.  

We will have clouds, the question will be will they be high thin clouds (good) or the low thick ones that envelope the city most of the time in winter and early spring.

Either way, I will be out on our "Back Forty". 

If I get to witness the eclipse, great. Grand even!  

If not, and the weather blocks us the guards block Caitlyn Clark last night*, well then, I will bask in its daylight to dim-light to dark to dim-light to daylight. 

What other option do we have?  Cookie and the Husband have no desire to get wrapped up in the madness of driving somewhere, standing somewhere, and then trying to get back to the homestead.  

When state safety agencies have to post alerts to drivers NOT to drive while wearing eclipse glasses (Oh, yes!) it is not a time to take chances. 

Besides, we have a full week ahead of using something I have wanted to do for some time.  And the husband is doing it to.  (Get your minds out of the gutters.) And we will meet up with old friends all coming here. 


*Sports reference - that doesn't happen all the time!


  1. With that sport reference did you pull a hammy?

  2. Well, the eclipse was great with no problems--perhaps as a gift welcoming me back to Cleveland for the summer. We watched from that soccer field off North Park, which had a perfect view. I hope that you enjoyed a good view.