Tuesday, May 31, 2022

Too Many Balls

Old Cambridge Burial Grounds, 
Cambridge Mass.  Their husband has some 
people buried her.  But no Balls here. His
Balls are south of here. 

Cookie has been laboring over the Husband's Balls this past weekend. 

Get your mind out of the gutter. 

Cookie is crass, but never so crass as that.  Genealogy is a noble endeavor, and don't you forget it.

No, my husband's ancestry includes a line of people with the surname Ball.   And I have been trying to sort these Ball family members from another family of Ball's. The problem is that they are from the same town, but a different cemetery as my husband's Balls, and people tend to lump them in together.   And because of COVID, we did not travel to see the Balls, but the work is remote. 

Both are fine families, the problem is they aren't related in the American Colonies, or even in the United States, at least until Madelon Holden married one William Ball.  Oh, what a headline that would have been made in the society column.  "Holden-Ball Vows Trotted" or even "Holden-Ball Hymenial Celebrated".

And these are very early Balls that plug into the husband's line.  There is a letter that describes "Squire and Goodie Ball of an advance(d) age, and unpleasant demoeaner (sic)."   Just the verbiage makes me shudder, but the image in my mind of old, withered Mr. and Mrs. Ball - well you get the idea.

Thankfully, he is not descended from the Feltch family of Natick.  Cookie almost drove off the road when he saw that headstone.  

So what are your summer plans?



  1. This summer? I might just troll off to find some "Goodie Balls"... Jx

  2. Beach balls come to mind, sweetpea. xoxo