Friday, September 17, 2021

The trouble with a friend of friend, a friend of your cousin...


In this book, Hardy Boys examine it very closely.  "Sniff them, Frank," said Joe.

Is it me or is Nicki Minaj just fishing for attention?

My mother would play a similar game.  In it, whenever I did something she disapproved of.  So while she never compared anyone's balls, she invented a "friend" who was saying the awful things she was thinking. 

So, when I grew my goatee in the 1980s, it became "My friend saw you in Columbus and said she saw you and wondered why he would ruin his looks with the facial hair."

Mrs. Passive, meet Ms. Agressive. 

But back to Nicki.  

You know that your a bull shit artist when you tell a whopper about an unnamed friend of a cousin Nicki.  And your music sucks, too. 

Now, Cookie is going to sit back and ponder balls...


  1. Stupid, untalented, crude, unattractive - and now can add "liar" to the list. Yet that bitch sells shitloads of her crap to the fucking masses! We are in dangerous territory here when such a nonentity preaches dangerous bullshit like this to a pig-thick populace, who will then go on and spread the latest variant to the rest of us.

    What a bizarre world we live in... Jx

  2. I think she's a clever little minx. One with fangs and venom, but clever certainly. As far as rap goes, only Lizzo can touch her. No, I don't like her personality much... she enjoys offending and is rather nasty about it, but her talent is undeniable. And no, selling records doesn't mean you're talented... but spewing that amount of filth at that speed? Well. I have to give credit where credit is due. Also... her videos are very colorful. Okay... I'll go sit in the corner now.

  3. Here's my thing: IF someone told guys the vaccine would make their balls bigger, there's be a line around the block for getting the shot.

  4. Inventing Friends to deliver what you disapprove of... that's hilarious. As for Minaj seeking Attention, that's the impression I got... and I agree that IF the Vaccine made everything Bigger on the Male Anatomy, Lines would be around the Block.