Saturday, February 15, 2020

Blogger isn't forwarding your comments as they should

An ugly little thing came up today.  Fifty-sixty comments that readers have made were locked in the "Comment Moderation" box.  Many from long-time readers.  I am shocked and a bit annoyed.  I dislike Google and its worming its way into "AI" more and more every minute of every hour of every day.

So I went through and only found five that pestering comments loaded with SPAM.   They were dispatched. 

I also dispatched the anonymous people who complained about my spelling gaffs.  Look, fuckers, this guy is dyslexic.  The mind is dancing to a rumba while the hands move like a waltz.  Deal with it.  If you want perfection, look to God, for surely that is the only place it can be found.  With two exceptions: the Platypus and 45.  Actually, 45 is sent from Satan, so God gets a pass.

Blobby dearest, all of your comments were added, as many other comments from other readers were.

So if you haven't seen them or we haven't interacted, you know what the story is.

In any event, I want to point something else out.


One of the things that I simply can't get used to on the East Coast is the sun setting on a winters afternoon and pitch black by five pm.  I mean by mid-February, its the beginning of twilight, at 5:30, but my MidWestern genetic self needs sun in the afternoon to power through the stuff of life.

Sweet smoking Jesus, I am geeked!


  1. LOVE THE GIF! have a nice weekend, cookie!

  2. I am permanently perplexed by the weird filtering Blogger applies. Some legit comments are firmly placed in "moderation" no matter how many times one ticks "not junk", and yet that bastard that keeps trying to get you to "Click here to find your hidden name meaning" gets through without problem...

    As for daylight deprivation, that is precisely why we make it our mission to always take a week in Spain at this time of year; to get all that extra sunshine and prevent ourselves going crazy!


  3. Blogger's comments do have a lot of problems, but their system is still a lot better than Wordpress's. But thanks for reminding me to check the "comments awaiting moderation" section--nothing this time, but legitimate comments are often known to hide out there.

    Taiwan doesn't have Daylight Savings Time, and it is further south, so we don't get quite the extremely short days that you do. The reverse is also true--we don't get those wonderful long days of summer, but summer in Taiwan is so searing hot that the last thing you want is extra sunshine!

  4. Cookie...Dear...We accept you, miss spellings and all...Hell, this is a blog not a writing class...As long I get the jest I am set to go...Thanks for your entertainment and sense of humor...

  5. Eye think ewe spel oak,eh two me!
    I guess it is a little sad when everyone gets excited because it's 5pm and the sun hasn't set yet.
    I'm sure somewhere Satan is saying, "hey whoa, whoa there buddy, sure I'm evil and stuff but it's the evangelicals who are claiming 45, so don't blame me"!
    How come blogger doesn't stop that guy with the 1980s boobs obsession!

  6. comments you say? I just assumed you were deleting mine. {sob}