Friday, January 3, 2020

Lost Love Rediscovered: Storm in a Teacup

My father ended up with two eight-track players. One her bought after my uncle in California raved about the eight-track technology. The other, a portable unit, was a gift from that uncle, and it arrived after my father had the deck he bought installed into the house stereo system. And another uncle owned a music distributorship. So we ended up with boxes of records and eight-track cassettes.

The Fortunes, Beatles, Englebert Humperdink - all came to our house in those hard plastic cartridges.  Storm in a Tea Cup, Green Tambourine, Stone Soul Picnic, and I would dance around the library when no one was looking.

But the Fortunes "Storm in A Tea Cup" was my favorite.

The song was far more complex, more going on in it that most pop records of the day. It just wasn't "ooh baby, baby" and " la la."

Storm in a Teacup took you places.  Up, down, off a little this way and that.

One day you're a kid playing it because you like the sound, and then you are a kid who develops different tastes.  As an adult, it was swept under the rug of old memories as new sounds, artists and beats came into the world of auditory pleasure.

And today, rediscovered.  And I am dancing around my office, the dog's seem annoyed.  But this is a song that I can't sit still to and never could.

How could I have put this song on the back burner?  And now that I can understand the lyrics - wow.

The Fortunes had beautiful harmony and were a wonderful group.

 BTW, I know the video is edited, looped, repeated. But she is mesmerizing. Enjoy.


  1. Lordy! Talk about "blasts from the past". This song was written by the late, dearly departed 70s popstrel Lynsey DePaul for The Fortunes, and she recorded her own version of it - however, for some strange reason I remember it being a much faster song... Jx

    PS Happy New Year, dear!

  2. HNY cookie dear! those 8-tracks were SO damn clunky, weren't they!

  3. 8-tracks made it impossible to repeat a song over and over unless it was the first song in the set. No rewind!

  4. I have never heard of this song or group - though we didn't have 8 track technology at our abode. Yet the song sounds familiar, as many groups of the day did.