Thursday, November 8, 2018

Ann Coulter gets some tough love

I feel bad in a way for Ann Coulter.

Remember her?

She used to be the go-to CONservative for nastiness.

You know, the bully who mocked the 9-11 wives and said "they don't deserve to be compensated for their loses because their husbands, had they lived, would divorce them all." 

If the host said, "Ann, aren't you being a little harsh?"  he comeback would be "Oh, come on, I'm joking!  Lighten up."

So like a really abusive bully, right?

How many of us remember having the living crap being beaten of us and the bully says "I was just kidding, lighten up," or "Hey look, you're hitting yourself, why are you hitting yourself," while they punched and slapped us black and blue?

So then imagine being Ann Coulter, today.

Trying desperately to be relevant in a world of Trump.  You know, the Donald Trump, right?  The 73ish old Man-Baby President.

Uses every tactic of Roy Cohen without Roy's brains or charm?

I mean who needs Ann Coulter shitting on the nation from her New Jersey condo when Donald Trump shits on this nation, daily, from the White House or his KKK Rallies I mean political rallies, right?

So when Ann Coulter, said she was done with Kansas because they came to their senses after EIGHT BANKRUPTING YEARS under their previous governor who was too Chicken Shit to stay around for the end of his term, Ann felt aggrieved.

Bravely through, she tried her best to fire off a quick quip about really done with Kansas she was:

Such tsuris.  "That's really hurtful to write," said no one in Kansas, ever.

The problem is, Ann doesn't know that she isn't relevant.  So...

It wasn't long before Ann Protnoy's complaint got this response:


Ken didn't zing you without help, Ann.  

You walked right into that buzzsaw without paying attention to cultural references.  

The judges give KEN a TEN!  GO KEN!

And look at Ken, who isn't a professional asshole and he has an astounding 3.6k likes, to your measly 5.5 likes. 

How are your PR dollars being spent, Ann?  Maybe you should try milk cartons to get noticed.  Oh, wait, the dog is telling me they don't have missing children on milk cartons because everything come in plastic. Like your face. 

Ann gets a certificate of participation and a ride home, on the political commentators' short bus. 

You lost Ann.  Why?  Because you're "brilliant, not very bright."  But keep trying.  Why look at Pat Robertson.  He's still trying, despite having dementia. 

C'mon Ann lighten up.  Get a sense of humor.  It was a joke, Ann.

After all, you still have Nebraska.  And I understand that you have a couple fans in upstate Idaho, too. 


  1. No idea who this Coulter-cunt is, but... Pat-fucking-Robertson is still alive?! Proof, if any were needed, that there is no God. Jx

  2. She's one of those columnists whose careers depend on saying things they know will get complaints.

    I could name British examples... I just don't want to. We could probably both think of a few.

    (Also, it doesn't seem to be as solid oo lucrative a career as it used to. Id there's a whole internet full of people doing it for free.)

    1. With Trump in the White House, Ann is like "Hey, over here, look at"