Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Show Your Love, Remember Them, DO IT!

In today's blog entry, Cookie would like to ask that readers follow the following links to the site Find A Grave, and leave "Flowers" on the memorials of the following pioneer gay adult film stars.

While Find A Grave does have a famous section for "actors", evidently they feel that adult film performers (men, women, gay, bisexual, transsexual and straight), no matter how popular they were are not worthy of being tagged as "famous". 

As a result, many of these men who are icons of the gay porn have memorials that are languishing and forgotten.  I mean, Richard Locke, the man's man from the Joe Gage's milestone Working Man  Trilogy has five, FIVE, freaking tributes.  ONLY FIVE!

We knew these guys because their movies were erotic, sexual, and somewhat forbidden.  In death, at least on the largest website dedicated to finding the graves and outcomes of people's lives, they too are being forgotten by policies that damn them and their accomplishments to the dustbin of society. 

The irony is that Find A Grave's acronym is "FAG".

In the tribute section, you can choose a flower and leave a brief message.  Remember that Find A Grave is a "G" rated site and that if enough people dispense with the social protocols of the site, that the memorial will no longer be able to have tribute made in the future - something that has happened to likes of baby seller Georgia Tann. 

So keep it clean, and for goodness sake do this.  These men literally gave their lives unwittingly so a generation of men could get off.  Some were more famous than others, and there are hundreds more like them like the ten featured here. 

1) Casey Donovan,

2) Andrew Robert Okun, aka Al Parker,

3) Fred Halstead,

4) Richard Cole, aka Steve Taylor,

5) Scott O'Hara,'hara

6) Chuck Holmes, Founder, Falcon Studios

7) Robert Curtis "Bob" Blount -

8) Chris Burns,

9) Frank Richard Fitts, aka Dick Fisk,

10) Leo John Hilgeford, aka Leo Ford,

P.S. Marilyn Chambers qualifies as a "Famous" record, which allows you to vote on how famous she was, on the site because of her "Ivory Snow" work in Commercials.  Seems a bit one-sided, no?