Sunday, November 12, 2017

Well, Thank God the Minotaur Showed Up

Just a brief check in.

This weekend we have/are hosted/hosted back to back night get together's at Cookie Manor.

Last night it was the Husband's event - Cocktails with the Captain.  This where we invite all the people who live in the Husband's block captain area to our house for a get together.

Tonight is my turn and we are hosting a brief get together of my former co-workers from the Beef House Strip Club.

So we have been grocery shopping for two days in a row.  Our problem is that we have a very limited amount of space in the Frigidaire.  So we can't prepare much in advance.

So we figured if we do back to back events, then we can clean the house ONCE, unpack the serving ware ONCE and then we can put everything back together in order ONCE.

I have to tell you, Cookie is DYING, as in tired.  It'll all come together.

And tomorrow, I sleep in. 


  1. And dear, with what your packing, doesn't surprise me you were a hit at the Beef House Strip Club. Didn't they call you big and tasty?

  2. WTF is up with THAT pix?

    sleep well, cookie, while the rest of us mere mortals have to go to work tomorrow!

  3. Replies
    1. I used to have meetings in the White Consolidated Industries building that used to house their appliance division. In the lower level was a broze statue, quite large of a beefy, good looking man from the 1920s, an ice claw over his back and a frigidaire ice box in the pincers. Under that it read "This Ice Man is Always on the Job". WCI had bought Frigidaire from GM and then they trashed the once noble brand, along with Kelvinator, which was once part of Nash-Kelvinator, the forerunner to American Motors Corp (AMC). In the end, Kelvintor is still made, but I fear Frigidaire is, along with the WCI brand, gone, replaced by Electrolux AB.