Monday, December 14, 2015

Be Very Afraid, Better Homes and Gardens 1958 Christmas SpectacularSpectacular

Cookie is now 53 years old, and through my life I have lived through shocking moments, and I have seen shocking things.   I know, I know - hard to believe, but true.  Yes, I have seen things that one should not need to see - so few things "shock" me today.

Actually, I take that back.  I am still shocked and repulsed by people who support Donald Trump.  There you have it.

So imagine my surprise when this arrived in the mail after I won an eBay auction.  I had not bid on it, but the seller got confused and I ended up with it.

It is shear Christmas Porn.  Page after page of lurid color images.  Each page more SHOCKING than the next.  And people think that things were better in the good old days?  Think again...

Lets look at that cover, shall we?

The evil humpty dumpty - with long legs that would easily get him off that wall, if he just tried.  The fruit cake sitting on sharp metal points.  Bags filled with God knows what on the tree.

Inside, the editors invite you think "outside of the box" and try an "Oriental" style Christmas theme.

And how do we know it was inspired by the east?  Because nothing says Tokyo than Pink Tulle glued to driftwood, right?

And we also know that this is ORIENTAL because of the cunning ORIENTAL man hiding presents for his neighbor's caucasian wife.  (Hint: I don't believe that Asian Americans like being called "oriental".)

And what this?

Nothing says ORIENTAL Christmas like a tree made out of Golden Rod, eh?

Meanwhile, on the east coast....

Inside we find the Mame Dennis Burnside home on Beekman Place.  Evidently things are lean as Nora and Ito have resulted to making a Star Burst Pinata, and cheap ribbony gee gaws on the wall.  It's all very sad...Tasteful, but sad...This is an example of basic decoration for people who don't like the fuss and bother that BHG intends on unleashing in the pages to come.

What the flock!

This looks like a festive tree.  I actually love the colors and the decorations.  Something quite different than the usual theme trees of today.  And where does one get those fabulous 50s decorations?  You make them.  The magazine gives you step by step instructions.  Well, actually, not you, this is job for your...

Looks like it's time to get your kiddies sweat shop up and running!  And what adorable moppets don't love crafts?  And crafts for eight to ten hours?  Too much fun!!!  Plenty of sugary Christmas cookie will help keep them hopped up and cranking out those ornaments till the whole flocking tree is covered.

Now according to the text, you are going to need wooden clothespins, wooden picnic spoons and forks (wooden?), tin can lids, embroidery hoops - wait a minute.  Tin can lids?


Razor sharp tin can lids!   And other sharp pointy things painted with lead based paint, and plenty of small beads - the perfect size for choking on!  Did I mention the sharp pointy skewers that can take out an eye faster than you can call 911?  And that glue?  Made from Mr. Ed's hooves.

So while the kids are pinching one and other with those clothespins, Mom will be sitting down with a scotch and her scrap bag to create toys that the kids really can throw at each other.  See, it's easy - see?  Not quite sure what up with that stoner dog puppet - damn hippies.

And what about Dad?  Where is he with all this mirth making being made?

Well I'll tell you where he is - He's in the Rumpus Room basement, damnit, with his man friends, war buddies, the type of friends that you kill for, and have when the North Korean's are on the march. 

Being manly and making a manly meal, it's not a snack.  No, BHG calls this a STAG FEED.  


And while Dad is carving his meat in a manly fashion, his buddy Maury is getting some pocket pool time in, and their friend Dick - well, he's leaning in.  Why?  BECAUSE, men need to be manly, that's why!

Let's take a look at that holiday man food will ya:

Just look at that god damned delicious chow for this manly STAG FEED!  Manly cheese - a whole wedge of it - slices are for pussies.  And mustards - because only sissies and kids like ketchup.  Big Manly crackers.  Flat Bread is a pussy term.  Men eat crackers - and they love big six inch crackers - and larger too!  And we've BEEF because men crave red meat. {Snarl} And for bread - there is the most manly bread known to MANKIND - dry rye bread, with plenty of seeds and lots of it.  On the stove?  A big pot of beans.  Why beans?  Because it's a manly dish.  And the Indian Club style grinders?  Because real men GRIND their salt and pepper.  Shaking from shakers is for Commies, and women.  

And speaking of plastered, Baby Jesus certainly looks plastered.  And HEY!  Just in case you are one of those idiots who has forgotten what this season is REALLY about - it's about a plaster likeness of the baby Jesus, swaddled in a golden doily and placed upon a pink glittery piece of scrap fabric.  And oh, Come let us adorn him with glittery silvery ornaments and lights, because THAT there, bub is the REASON FOR THE SEASON.



  1. that's some cool "mistake" gift you got in the mail!
    guess there really is a santa.

    1. I have sent you a package full of pointy scissors, stinky glue, pie pans, clothespins and extra sharp can lids. Now make something pretty!

  2. Clothes-peg ornaments? Who said Punk started in the 70s? Jx

  3. Eyes to heaven, I truly thought that Baby Jesus effigy was lying on ham. Sparkly holiday ham. I'm only surprised there's not more aspic involved in all of this, in the refreshments and crafts alike.

    1. The Husband would like to know if its Black Forest Ham, or chip chop ham.


    2. chip chop is my favorite euphemism for a snatch.
      when the plate is passed to you, choose wisely.

  4. Ugh! I hadn't noticed how evil Humpty Dumpty was until you pointed it out and made me take a good look at his face. Thanks.
    And the scrap-bag Pennywise isn't helping, either.
    Still, I do like all those little Sputniks surrounding baby Jesus. That doesn't make me a commie, does it? Pass the salt shaker, would you please?

  5. I laughed so hard I spit my tea out! Only you know how to throw in the perfect Auntie Mame reference. Cookie, you're my hero!

  6. sweet mother of pearl! WTeverlovinF IS this crapola? I'd put a match to that waste of tree pulp!

  7. Despite the lack of aspic, your ebay gift is a real prize. I remember making crafts like the ones the kids are making when I was in public school, tin can lids and all. Back then if you cut yourself, they put iodine on it and slapped on a Bandaid and told you to stop crying or they'd give you something to cry about. I actually like the white tree, though I imagine it's even more flammable than the usual cut Christmas tree.

    The "oriental" Christmas tree and the yellow tree are the stuff of nightmares. I kept scrolling down and saying, "Holy crap!" with each new iteration until I got to the meat and dry bread feast in the manly rumpus room. And *what is* that lumpy green stuff next to Dad's left hand on the cutting board? Yikes!

    1. Exactly! Iodine hurt like a second punishment to the cut. And you learned how to be careful.

      That lump green stuff - PICKLES, man! Unslice full sized jarred pickles. Men like pickles.

  8. I'm loving the pool-pocket-leaning-in example of the stag feed. Going to have to get some photos of the guys doing just that this year, though it just won't be the same in levis, Superman and Star Wars t-shirts.

    1. Remember, no potato chips. MEN at a STAG FEED eat grub. Not snacks.