Thursday, November 26, 2015

Someone's in the kitchen with Dinah...

Dinah is cooking someone we knew...

As for the Cookie and the Husband, we're having a nice, quiet meal of real turkey here at the house.  Then we are going to nap.  Because that's what the Pilgrims did.

Hows about you?


  1. i was JUST going to send you an email! sounds like you're having the perfect day. ours is similar except i'm napping before as well as after. we also had our very first snow today, just a dust.

  2. Just up from the nap; earlier, we went to the early show of Spectre - not too bad, and if nothing else lovely to look at (except for the torture scenes; just not my thing) and then had Chinese. Worth it just for the shock in my sister's voice when she rang from her house groaning under the weight of turkey and house guests.

  3. I was busy giving thanks that I'm not an American.

    *runs away quickly*

    1. Trust me, these days with Trump and all these other crazies, I'm not so proud of it. The good news is that sanity will prevail. Or you'll be putting out the inflatable bed for Cookie and the Husband...