Sunday, November 1, 2015

So how was your Halloween?

Ours was exhausting.

The couple we bought our home from had old couple that had a tradition.   They passed out small Dixie cups of boxed wine to parents in the neighborhood.  We continued the tradition, but it being the first year, we were very careful which adults got wine:

1) You had to be from our neighborhood.
2) You had to be a parent.
3) You child needed to be in costume.
4) You needed to be 21 years of age or older.

For everyone else, they got a box of raisins and encouragement to go home and make their own.

But dear God!  The children.

On the old street we were lucky to get one or two trick or treaters.  Here we had HUNDREDS.  Literally, they swarmed.  And they have a parade first.  Unlike anything I have seen in Baltimore before.

We must have had 100 little girls dressed as someone from Frozen.  And one Little Boy dressed as Belle from Beauty and the Beast.  His bespectacled Mommy stated "Aiden is breaking gender barriers."  No.  Aiden is Belle.  You are projecting the gender barrier thing.

Anyhow, its time we scream into Thanksgiving.


  1. Aiden will be on Drag Race 17, dressed as belle.

  2. Not a single "trick or treater" at our house at all - must have been the Myra Hindley poster we had in the window that kept them away. Jx

  3. The Internet is crawling with Frozen hairstyle tutorials and there’s even a book.

  4. "For everyone else, they got a box of raisins and encouragement to go home and make their own."

    make their own what? boxed wine? raisins?

  5. We had 0. None. And if it weren't for those three damn kids (all at the same time last year), it would have been 10 years with 0 trick or treaters.

  6. One trick-or-treater means 59 full-sized candy bars left...thanks to Costco and my lack of impulse control.

  7. Gee....I work for a candy importer so I had tons of stuff to give away and several rolls of quarters and a few 1/2 dollars for the impressive ones. We got 4 kids all night. Which is still twice what we had at our previous residence - which was 2 Indian kids. Boy, did they get a haul that night!

  8. Oh god, please tell me that slug was one of your trick-or-treaters! In my old neighborhood, all the neighbors would sit out on their stoops and hand out candy while drinking their beverage of choice in solo cups.