Monday, March 2, 2015

I am out of hibernation: March is here!

So, where in the Hell has Cookie been, you may be asking?

Well dear ones - you know that I am not a winter person.  So I was being very bear like until March 1st, which has come and gone.  So on March 2nd, I am here for all to bask in my greatness.

Someone, or another, once said that March is the cruelest month because it promises so much, and delivers mostly nothing but cold, wet, soggy weather.

Au contraire!

March is the beginning of the earth's northern hemisphere waking up after its slumber!  Or more to the point - We have made it through the worst of Winter.   Think about it:

1) March snows seldom hang around for a few days, let alone weeks.  It snows and it melts.  And the glaciers occupying the lawns of the suburbs north of Tennessee (except in Minnesota, where it will snow until May 1st) start to retreat.

2) Daylight savings time begins this coming SUNDAY at 2AM.  The down side is that it will be dark at half past crack in the morning for a couple weeks, but on the good side, you get home from owrk when it STILL daylight!

3) And with daylight savings time, grilling season begins!

4) Morning bird song starts up at this time of the year.  And little Robin Red Breast returns to eat worms. Right now we have a brood of dark eyed Juncos, finches, blue jays, wood peckers all dining at our feeders.

5) My camilla in the front garden, aka Camilla Parker Bowles, will bloom.

6) St. Patricks Day is coming, so the bloody Irish (of which I claim 1/16th of my heritage) can  get whatever it is that we need to get out of our systems out of our systems.

7) St. Patrick's Day also means that my evil stepmonster, "Pat" will turn 83 this year, and it makes me so happy that she is growing older with every day.  We are hoping that Pat lives to be 110, partly because I vowed to wear a red dress to her funeral, and mostly because she dreaded growing old and having her looks leave her. (Insert evil laugh.)

8) And TJB at SSUWAT can get down his spring wear and box up his velvets and furs.

So be glad that it is March - we survived.  The worst is behind us!


  1. feh! we just had an ice storm yesterday, with more to come on tues/wed. no birds, no flowers, no nuthin'. and THEN we lose an hour of sleep! feh!

  2. It was 77 degrees last Sunday. I've already been to the beach. If you wanna rid yourself of the SADZ move this way. Also my partner swears that the hot tub makes the Winter depressions more bearable. It has the light therapy thingy.

    Why do you have to wait until she's 110 to wear the red dress? Will things like that be more acceptable then? Or will it take you that long to slim down to fit that particular red dress?

    Glad you feel better. The birds are buzzing the bees are singing...

  3. I am ready for DST. I need my evenings on the back deck with my good friend Shiraz.

  4. And here in the UK? It rains. Jx

  5. vowing to wear a red dress?
    you'd better be a pall bearer or i'll never speak to you again.

    1. I want to be a pallbearer - so I can drop the grip and scrunched up into the coffin she goes.

  6. A red dress? I hope you wear one at the murder trial too....and you have the matching hat and veil as well!