Thursday, September 18, 2014

That delicate balance

Tonight Cookie has to walk that delicate balance between forced enthusiasm and a charitable event.  A workplace group that the Husband belongs to is hosting an event at a one of the better, actually that should be trendy-toney-artful, restaurants in Baltimore.

The group is all men, all gay, and thats good, but they are the husband's workmates at International Amalgamated Inc., and they will all be talking shop.  Delightful.  But I am not in much of a good mood for it.

Still, this is the life of a spouse - supporting your husband as you would want him to support you.

As a personal rule, I never drink at work events.  Not even a pre dinner cocktail.  Nope. I have seen too many people at work events do stupid things or say stupid things.  I will ask for a club soda and lime and force a smile and fake my interest.

So there I will be, pets, hidden behind my invisible Kabuki mask, going through the motions while a dish filled with food will be presented for my meal not so much for my enjoyment as it is formality sake.  Yeah.


  1. I hope the dessert was good.

  2. So no dancing on tables, then? Jx

  3. Carlos and I did this earlier this week... a work-related event for him so I was dutiful spouse... but since it was an event hosted by the Mexican Consulate they had Reposado Margaritas and I couldn't resist ... three times.
    Nor did I make a fool of myself.
    Two points!

  4. Well-- I always channel Charlotte Vale for these events..."Unbend, take part, contribute. Be interested in everything -- and everybody." -- Rains' advice to Davis before she boards the luxury liner. Maybe it's just thinking about Paul Henreid in his prime that gets me through these events. I also don't drink at company events, though I do order something that looks like a drink because otherwise the drinkers get uncomfortable with me, or worse yet, buy me unwanted drinks.