Wednesday, September 12, 2012

We shall overcome, and have a cocktail

God bless you all for your comments and encouragement.

You never know what to expect when you move, and the control freak in me is itching for a fight.

Today, something actually went well.  We found an arborist who will remove the ungangly crabapple tree in our back yard.  Said tree is no more than twenty feet high, but its tangled up in the electrical lines that come into our house and into the neighbors house.

That said, last night I have to tell you that I snapped.  I was so overwhelmed - and a hot bath was out of the question because of that damned orchid tub of ours -  that I had a cocktail.  Now Cookie enjoys a good cocktail, now and then, and only when we entertain.  And if you notice, Cookie said "a" cocktail.  Cookie does not tolerate lots of liquor well - makes me sleepy and sloppy.  And no one enjoys a sloppy drunk because you are never as entertaining when you are drunk as you think you are.  And Cookie loathes drunken guests.

So what did Cookie have in the way of a Cocktail? A side car.  Because I can't find the pots and pans, I can't make a simple syrup, which is what a classic Sidecar uses, so I used Cointreau instead.  Not bad.

When drinking Sidecars, you have to be very careful because you are mixing grain and grape, and that can be a recipe for a Hellish hangover.  Don't believe me?  Try it and you'll come to Jesus when the alcohol poisoning sets in.

My usual favorite cocktail is Vodka Cookietini.  What is this you say?  It's a Vodka Gibson (onion instead of olive) made with Vodka 360, and sweet vermouth.  Its smooth.  How smooth?  You really have to pace yourself because they just glide down, and the sweet vermouth tempers the Vodka.

This leads me to ask, if Cookie were throwing a cocktail party, what could I get you to drink?


  1. Vodka rocks, please. :) Because I am just that kind of sophisticated girl.

    (Actually, I'm not, I'm not sophisticated at all, I am a totally pathetic nerd. I just like vodka.)

    But I have a feeling that any cocktail party you would throw would be so delightful there practically would be no need for alcohol. The hosts and guests alone would more than suffice to keep things sparkling. :)

    1. I like mixing up different types of people and then standing back and watching the dynamics. Cocktail shrimp?

  2. Be a dear and make mine a Pimm's Cup, do.

  3. A vodka martini, please.

    Part of the martini's appeal, for me, is the design of the glass.

    If you served the martini in a jam jar, it would not be as desirable.

    But I'd drink it anyway.

    1. When my niece first went to college, I bought her a set of Martini glasses. She was 18 and couldn't drink, of course, but I told her to fill it up with her favorite beverage and learn to walk across a room "holding the the glass, thus." Why, she asked. Because at some point in your life you will be at a party and fill need to escape a boring person with grace and swiftness, thats why.

  4. i rarely drink, i forget to. besides, i want to
    be alert and awake to enjoy cookie sleepy and sloppy.