Sunday, November 27, 2011

Another connection

This has been an exhausting day.

I've spent the better part of the sitting in shock, and greiving.

But I have also been wondering about the probility that the connections between those that are here amongst us, and those that have left us may cross over into each others realms.  And today we have another instance where I think it has.

At the time that my father died in Florida, I had this incredible feeling of power and rage wash over myself while driving.  I immediatly wanted to beat someone up, which is not something I would think of, or do.  I found out her died an hour later when I got the call from my brother.

When Mom died, I was with her, but the drive back to the house took about an hour.  Two hours after her death, at 2Am when I was getting something to eat and being comforted by our dog, the phone rang once, twice and then nothing.  Her signal to me that that I hadn't called her to let her know I was home after leaving her place was to ring the phone twice.  I was suppossed to ring her back twice - why waste the expense of a phone call, right?  I always thought that phone ring was her way of letting me know that she got to where she was going and that she was OK.

Last week I installed new smoke alarms in our house as the old one were 18 years old this past October.  The new alarms are pretty slick, and more substantial than the ones they built in 1993.  They also use two AA batteries instead of the old 9 volt batteries.

So last night I went to bed, then the husband came to bed afterward after locking down the house.  After 3AM the new smoke alarm in the livingroom ran a test cycle - two series of three ear piercing electronic chirps.  Of course it woke us up, but it stopped and we went back to sleep.  At 3:20 it did the same thing - this time we woke up and wandered around the house trying to find what was making that noise. At 3:25 while standing under it, the thing went off again.  So we pulled it and disconnected the batteries.  We had inspected the house and found nothing wrong.

This morning was the news that Lucille had died.

This evening at 6PM a mutual cousin called to say that they think that based on the condition of the body, the acid levels in the body and the amount of rigor mortis in the body that Lucille had been dead 7 to 8 hours, which tied to estimated time of death to the 2:30 to 3:30AM time period.

Now my task is trying to track down Pam's errant husband who's been missing for eight years.

It's going to be a hard week.


  1. Honey, the Grim Reaper is nearby. You need to be vigilant.

  2. Wow. I hope you're okay. This seems like an awful lot to handle, especially during the holidays.

  3. Thank you both. Today I'm grateful to be away from this drama, until it starts again on Thursday.

    I'm giving the eulogy at the funeral on Friday (Saturday if we can't find the errant husband). I've given them before, but I have never done a double eulogy. That's a lot of time at the dias.

  4. Good luck! I did the eulogy at my father's funeral. I shouldn't have. Too much stress, but no one else wanted to do it.

    At least know that those people that don't want to do it, probably really appreciate your effort. It's unbelievably hard. Everyone knows that. Wishing you the best.