Monday, March 28, 2011

Cadillac or Cataract



Several years ago I asked my eye doctor (who is as adorable as he is brilliant) about LASIK surgery.  Cookie was, after 42 years, tired of coke bottle eye glasses and extreme nearsightedness.  Dr. Adorable (who's wife is equally adorable, and who we love as well) said that at my age the smart thing to do would be to wait for cataract surgery, which is a medical procedure (as opposed to a vanity procedure) and get my vision corrected then. 

My chickens, if Dr. Adorable wasn't so adorable, and more importantly, brilliant at what he does, I would have stomped out of that office, offended that I had been called old.  But because we respect him (and did I mention his wife is also adorable) I took it with steely resolve.  My time would come for corrected surgery.

Well, my time has arrived.  Yay!

We've been to the Dr. Adorable and he confirms what we thought was happening: I have a cataract in my left eye, sufficient to call for surgery.  He also found - and are you ready for this - another cataract in good eye as well.  AND he told me that I had small pupils.  "Excuse me?" 

"Well, on most people, the size of the pupil can be within a standard range - your's are are on the small side.  But this is good because it means that cataract removal is even more important - so we don't have to allow this thing to grow and get worse."

Hooray for small pupils!

Here's the good news, with the advances in cataract surgery and lens replacement, there is a very good possibility that I'll only require glasses for reading!  Yay! 

We find out more in the next couple weeks. 


  1. I used to have to chauffeur my uncle around in his Cadillac until he had successful cataract surgery.

    I miss feeling like a pimp.

  2. Just curious if small pupils correspond with any other body parts.

  3. @Puggerpete - A gentleman never discusses such things.

  4. Oh goody! I'm about to go to the optometrist tomorrow for my first pair of glasses. I've made it quite far and all of a sudden everything looks like the photo on the right.

  5. Remember - when you choose eye glasses, they should flatter you. Trendy expensive eyewear may see like a good idea at the time, but its an expensive fall to take when faddish eyewear goes out of style tomorrow.

  6. Catseye frames are always flattering. They make you look like Elizabeth Taylor in Cleopatra. And congratulations (I guess) on scoring semi-free lasik.