Wednesday, September 21, 2022

The latest news

Well, I wish I had better news than this, but situations change.   Things have become complicated. 

On the known cancer front, we are waiting on news of a genetic test.  This was done, in part because of continued large bowel issues that took an unpleasant turn last week, resulting in the cancellation of a colonoscopy, and an emergency CATScan and flexible sigmoidoscopy. 

Nothing looks cancerous (hooray!) but other things aren't right.  And I haven't heard from the colo-rectal surgeon that all is clear, either.  I am hoping for that news soon.

Bottom line (no pun intended) but the assurance of my colorectum surgeon eight years ago that I was good for a full ten years could have been deadly.  Get your colonoscopy today, people. 

I remain on all manner of caustic antibiotics and am pretty enervated, lackluster, and just feel pretty oogie. 

Sorry, it's not better news, or funnier, or wittier tales to be told.  But Cookie doesn't have it in him. 


  1. If it's any consolation, I have an anecdote from when I had a colonoscopy a few years back. The specialist struggled and kept commenting on how awkward it was to steer my innards [turns out I have diverticulitis], pumped air in to make the - ahem - passage easier [with the inevitable consequences], and eventually got the camera as far as he needed and took sufficient samples for the prognosis. On exiting the device and completing the procedure, he asked me how I felt.

    "I've been to better parties." was my response. The nurses could be heard stifling the giggles.

    On a more serious note, it is indeed something everyone heading for middle age or beyond really should take seriously. Any such procedure is a vital chance to offset more serious problems in future.

    Chin (and everything else) up, dear Cookie. I have everything crossed for you. Jx

    1. When I asked Nurse Janis, what she heard, she said "I don't believe they found Dr. Livingston." I cracked up. Nurse Janis is now in my will.

  2. I only take my colonoscopy advice from Ryan Reynolds........thank you! And while it's not great news, it really isn't bad news either. Diagnostics are a lot of stop and go...............pun fully intended.

  3. Cookie is hanging in there... with a great attitude and that is what matters, my dear. Preserve your energy. Cut out all unessentials, such as that annoying person who insists on telling you all about their health issues. Cookie has better things to do... like nap and drink plenty of water. Once you're on the other side of things... you'll be glad you put yourself first. Extra kizzes coming your way, dear. You got this!

    1. I am hoping that a maid is coming our way as well.

  4. Dear Cookie,

    Please hang in there.

    I know the mind can race and the "what ifs" are prominent.

    Easier said than done, just take it a day at a time and ONLY act on what you know for sure.

    I am certain that your support team is rallying around you and supporting you in everyway they can.

    Be a good patient.

    Much love and warmth!



  5. Rest assured, I am a very good, and more importantly, compliant patient. Doctors do not like non-compliant patients.