Sunday, February 14, 2021

Current mood


It's Valentine's Day.  Whoopie. 

This little girl isn't bummed about Valentine's Day, but some May Day celebration in the USSRT in 1968.  Still, I feel her pain.  And she expresses my angst to a T: lackluster color, droopy hose, even balloons lacking in color.  And the hair!  Cookie needs a haircut, too. 

Husband and I fine, but he's been working 20/hr a day since this cold snap hit the midsection of the country, and it's been hard on Cookie because it's been hard on him.  You can't plan dinner because whatever I make will be cold for him.  And if I wait to eat with him, it could be Midnight before he shuts down.   

Dinner at Midnight?  I mean dinner at eight is civilized, Cookie is not that civilized that I could hold off until midnight!  Why I would self-digest by that late hour!

But, if places like Tulsa can just tough it out a few more days, then the temperatures will moderate.  This sub-zero patch should begin to end by mid-week and by Sunday it will be a balmy 50 degrees there.   And then our lives can get to normal.

It's been a miserable week here in Baltimore.  Snow, ice, and now a melt. All this white stuff should be gone by Wednesday.  I loathe winter. 

On the plus side, today is February 14th.  And in two weeks we'll be at the March 1st - and that means we are closer to the start of spring than the first day of winter.  And that means warmer temps and that means an end to winter isolation. 

Our next week forecast is highs in the 50s, hooray!


  1. It's chilly here today, too. Not Tulsa cold, but cold enough that I need some Spring and sun.

  2. Six below here, today... the high. Been like this all week. Hope it warms soon. Love the photo. Priceless. Happy VD

  3. we still have about 18" of snow on the ground. february sux.

  4. Here in London, the ice has finally thawed and yes - it's pissing with rain again. At least the garden appreciates it. Jx

  5. At least the freezing cold kills the mosquitoes!

    1. Every the optimist, but you are quite true. The most useless insect on the face of the planet next to the murder wasp, the emerald ash borer, and the Chinese spotted lantern fly.