Monday, February 20, 2017

The party's over: Still recovering from Utah.

So, a week ago we woke up in our bed, in our house, in Maryland, with an awful case of jet lag.

And we still have the jet lag.

Well sure, there were social events all over the convention area, and yes we burned our candles at both ends, but jeezy oh Pete, gosh darn it's been hard to shake this Utah thing.

Making matter more difficult is that the weather has been springtime lovely here, for the most part.

So we are a bit off of our game.

And a little afraid.

I broke a tooth and that never ends well for me, the tooth or the wallet.

So that cashectomy is tomorrow morning.  You know dentists.  When they start poking around this has gone bad and that has gone bad and this is going to have to be taken care of.  Bother.

BUT, and let me do this, if you are interested in genealogy and can afford it, RootsTech is an utter blast.  I said I would never go back and do it, but I am already making plans for 2018.  Just remember, register, book your hotel as soon as registration opens up.  Its worth it.


  1. Wear loose pants Cookie. If your dentist puts you under and catches a glimpse of you in tight pants, lord knows where that may lead.

  2. We feel your pain. I flew in from California a week ago last Wednesday, after 10 days of too much fun and two weeks before that of hard work, and I'm only now surfacing from the aftermath (bronchitis and exhaustion, I think).

    On the other hand, you're the first person I've ever heard of who had too much fun in ... Salt Lake City.

  3. i don't want to know. everyone's russian, need i say more?

  4. To say I'm interested in genealogy is an understatement. But I'd go absolutely mental (in a good way) in a conference filled with like-minded folk. I'm giddy enough as it is at our family reunions.

    I hope all goes well chez le dentiste.