Saturday, September 17, 2016

No comments needed. Just think about this and share it with an angry Trump Supporter

Violence and stupidity are not traits that Cookie embraces.


The idea that people are offended over the "Basket of Deplorables" comment tells me not only only heard what they wanted to hear, and then applied that to themselves tell me that many Trump supporters really do have a bad sense of self esteem.

How so?

People who know themselves, and know themselves well know exactly what they believe and why.

People who lack self esteem, and are easily swayed by the opinions of others don't feel good enough about themselves, their decisions and their beliefs.  They feel inferior.  They feel judged when they do something.  They fear success because it is easier to belly ache about their lots in life.  And they deal with that insecurity by stirring the pot, by starting fights and by believing anything that validates their feelings that someone, someplace is keeping them from what they think they deserve.

That last sentence is key.  There are a whole lot of voters out there who feel that they were promised the American dream.  Instead of focusing on Education, personal betterment and aspirations, they focused on getting what their parents had.  And guess what.  All that got shipped overseas.  So instead of sitting down, figuring out what they can do, they sit back and belly ache and they blame someone, anyone, that they can.

And then comes Donald Trump.  A bonehead born with a silver spoon in his mouth who believes that he is the greatest thing since greatest things were invented.  And he speaks to these people in a way that helps them find a target for their own sense of self worthlessness.

And its dangerous because these morons feel empowered to bad behavior because of Trump.  They are so blinded by his stupidity that they can't see their own.  They lack logic. They have no use for education. But they are ready not to get to work, but to blame a group, a person, a race, a religion for anything because it makes them feel empowered.

Truth is if they are chicken shit afraid to look at themselves in the mirror and fix their lives, then they are willing to be led anywhere.

Think about that.

Unless we do something to defeat their idol, this is just the tip of the oncoming iceberg.

Think about that.

Now consider what we need to do to win this election fair and square.

Its called getting out the vote for Hillary.

This election is about good and evil.

And good must win over evil.  Its that simple.  I'm with Hillary.  You?


  1. YUP. EXCELLENT POST! Excellent.

  2. We MUST make sure all our friends vote on election day
    - call them the night before to make sure they vote.
    - offer to drive them to the polls if you have to.
    - just think for a moment what a Trump Presidency will be.

    Thank You for the most amazing post!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!