Friday, May 27, 2016

Noted Authority Figureheads: Valeria Hopkins Parker, M.D.

Words of Wisdom: "Your problems are your problems," says Dr. Parker.

On how you found yourself with a problem: "You created it," explains Dr. Parker

On how to solve them: "The answer lies within you," Dr. Parker reminds us.

For fun she likes to: "Relax by working on Hardanger Embroidery."

Thank you, Dr. Parker.


  1. looks like she eats nails for breakfast! ya think she's ever been married?

    1. I am sure that she is either married to a MIT professor, who finds her promotion in magazines shameful, and they have two children. Roland, who is an Episcopalian Minister, and daughter who is married to an important businessman.

    2. I read this sentence as "daughter who is married to an impotant businessman"

  2. I think we should all sit up and take notice of Dr Parker. After all, she wears a monocle! Jx

  3. compensating for her thin lips was one of her talents.