Sunday, April 5, 2015

Why, oh why, oh why-o?

As you read this, I am on my way, by car, on my way back to Ohio.

For one week.

By myself.  Without my husband.

But not alone.

You see Cookie has a conference that I must attend as part of my certification process for my new career, so I will be there for a week.

The conference is a four day hoot-n-anny, and it was silly for the husband to take off four days and sit around while I submersed in DNA Genealogy classes.

So while I am by myself, I am not alone.  Oh noes!

I sent out feelers to my friends to say "I'm coming back..." and soon found that my dance card is full to overflowing.

This is what I miss about Ohio - our friends.

One never knows how rich you are in friends until you move away.  Good friends are precious as rubies.  So my meals and evenings are FULL to overflowing.  I consider myself very lucky.

So I will not be sitting in a hotel room alone, nor will I be out getting into trouble.  Just doing research, meeting with old friends -AND- engorging on midwest cuisine.  I should be fat as a hog in week.

On the other hand, the husband will be here, at the house, working on projects.  Winter has finally yielded its unyielding icy grip on the mid-Atlantic and the daffodils have finally bloomed.  So he has his hands full.

But I will miss him and the pups more than anyone will ever know.

Next Sunday, I will be on the road the road again, coming home.


  1. should one person be allowed to have so much fun?

  2. “In the morning I awoke early and experienced that sinking sensation that overcomes you when you first open your eyes and realize that instead of a normal day ahead of you, with its scatterings of simple gratifications, you are going to have a day without even the tiniest of pleasures; you are going to drive across Ohio.” - Bill Bryson

    Have fun! Jx

    1. Indiana is a gazillions times worse to drive across. Miles and miles of miles and miles, and the same town just keeps moving further down the road. Deathly boring.

  3. First off, the post title ... one of my fave B'way tunes.
    Second off, I guess you can go home again ... for a week ... and then you have to go home again.

  4. So what's your favorite "midwest cuisine"? I'm from Iowa and now Minneapolis, we excel at HOT DISH aka your basic casserole gussied up with tatar tots on top. You can take the girl off the farm, but you can never really take the farm out of the girl LOL

    1. I LOVE a good casserole over anything pretentious. I will gladly take a chicken, wild rice and green bean casserole over "pan fried ________, then wrapped in seaweed and served a top a bed of _________, garnished with___________ and hand picked ___________ with a dollop of bitter ___________s and ___________.

    2. I often wonder - without a "pan", how does anyone expect something to be "fried"? In your hand, perhaps? And let's not get started on a "drizzle of jus", anything described as a "foam" of something-or-other; anything "hand-picked", "foraged" or - worst of all - "artisan". I just want food that's tasty, thanks. And I've never been to the "midwest", just Britain. Jx