Sunday, June 1, 2014

June is our month!

I normally don't get mushy with June being Pride Month, but damn it, this June I am!

When I first came out to myself on January 21, 1983, the world was quite different than it is today.  Lesbians, gay men and bi-sexuals were still viewed as pariahs in much of the US.  And back then, just as I always imagined there would be rotary dial phones and that Jesse Helms would never die, many of us never imagined that same sex marriage ever could be possible or that Edie Windsor would prevail in front of the Supreme Court.

So this pride, the first full year since Windsor, we have seen state after state challenged in court, and in North Carolina we have seen the United Christ of Christ sue the state because the church feels that North Carolina laws in banning same sex are infringing on the church's right to help same sex couples marry.

Who would have thought that we would have ever seen that?

And with the death of Fred Phelps, it appears that his Westboro Baptist Church is unwinding as it struggles to find purpose now that the old asshole is dead.  Great, huh?

There is a long road to travel, but this Pride month, I am celebrating everything from the growing freedom to marry, to getting a HUGE income tax refund because we could file jointly as married people.

Make merry this month!


  1. Huge tax refunds and Fred Phelps dies? You're right.
    It is like Christmas came early!

  2. What a long haul it's been with still a ways to go, but I don't think it could have gone any quicker than it has. Heck, even our President sees Stonewall as a pivotal point in our country's history and the haters really just stick out like a sore thumb now.

    So, I think we should make a little merry, it's only right..!

  3. I'll through the Wake after Scott Lively croaks!

    1. That mother fucker should be tried for crimes against humanity.

  4. ♫Dancin' in the streets♫

  5. I'll feel better when Florida throws in the towel but I'll know it's time to celebrate when Mississippi finally does so.

    I've been celebrating ever since I left that fuckin' state.