Sunday, April 27, 2014

Whatever you do...

So I was working last week at the Adult Cabaret and Beef House Strip Club when a client, who looked like an old black version of ET, came in and asked where we kept our "Baubles".

"Come again," asks I.

"Your baubles! BAUBLES! Holy baubles," says she.

OH!  BIBLES? "Why didn't you say so?"

I lead the woman to that spot and then went about my business.

As I was walking about, looking for those who would similar assistance, I heard this dry digging sound.

So I decided to swing down the aisles and who did I  find but ET, holding a "bauble" in her left claw and the other claw scratching, digging at her pant suited behind.

Just as what was going on registered in my mind she looked at me, and it must have registered in her mind that I had seen he pick her seat, and said "What are you looking at, you white devil?"

Leading me to imagine HWJSHA*?

*How would Jesus scratch his ass?


  1. Praise be! The Jesus Temple Relief now have a remedy for Piles or Kookoo (and "Rheumatism Disorder, Spine, Eye, Museles Organes, Sexual Wikness. This Medecine help reduce Cholesterol leved in the blood.")!


    1. @Jon: I want a case of that DYSMENORRHEA juice.

  2. Maryland is considered the South, so I would have been able to translate her gibberish. But, as to your question, HWJSHA, he probably would have used the sharp edge of the Holly Bauble.

  3. hope you deloused before reentering your abode.

  4. I've been calling you white devil (under my breath) for years.

  5. Why can't she just back up against something pointy and subtly move her arse about?

    1. Reminded me of Roseanne Rosannadanna routine about Gloria Vanderbilt.