Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Hotter than Dutch Love

So while the mattress thing was heating up, Cookie had other irons on the fire.

You see, Cookie and the husband don't own a Dutch Oven.

I had one, but my mother needed it, so way back, I gave it to her to use.  Then, it got sold at her estate auction.  So I have been looking for one for a long time.

Things reached the boiling point when I was overcome for a big helping of beef and noodles - which you serve with mashed potatoes, but that is implied.  Down home cooking that I am longing for because when comes down to it, Baltimore is a food city, but not big on the midwest style, if you know what I mean.

So we considered Le Crueset, but to get a pot that big is serious money.  Like car payment serious. I pined for a piece in FLAME color.  But when you look around, a lot of people have it.

And frankly, the more I looked at Le Crueset, and the people who sell it - who are terrible snobs - well, it was barely hotter than Dutch Love.

THEN, I got turned on to vintage Dansk ironware from the 1950s and the 1960s in TURQUOISE.

It has form.  It has function.  It has COLOR. And best of all - its still affordable!

I found this one online and I love it.

Of course it was pricey, but for the cost of one Le Creuset  dutch oven of equal size, you can buy four of these, and they come in designer colors.

And I love that the pot lid handle acts either as a trivet, OR, you can stack your Dansk when you aren't using it.



  1. Really nice!
    I've been missing mine too, maybe I should poke around online and see what I can find.

  2. I love the space age look of your dutch oven. I bought a Staub at a sale; La Creuset was out of the question price-wise. Yours is prettier than mine. Mine exists mostly so I can add wine to slow cooked stews and so that I can make gumbo.

  3. I'm not proud of it, but we got ours at Ikea. Their kitchen stuff is mostly totally disposable, but I have to admit they make a solid dutch oven - and it's a cheerful Scandinavian blue, which is sort of endearing.

  4. Soooo nice and stylish! No home should be without a good dutch oven or bundt pan.

    1. BUNDT PAN? Oh, Bitch, PLEASE. All my cakes are from scratch!

  5. Have you ever pulled a Dutch oven on your husband?

    1. OMG, we were playing Mah Jong with neighbors the other night and "Cleveland Steamer" came up. "Oh," says my friend "He's (meaning her husband) gives me those all the time."

      "Kelly, honey, sweetie," says I over her husbands laughter, "Really?"

      "Oh - totes."

      "Sweetie, that's a "Dutch Oven", not a "Cleveland Steamer".

      So she asks what a Cleveland Steamer was and her husband whispers that to her and she barks out a very loud "Uh-huh?"

      And we were very much yeah. And she was OH MY GOD! "And I thought a Dirty Sanchez was bad."

      We didn't go any further.