Thursday, February 13, 2014

Yeah, I am at that point.

Cookie is normally a happy go lucky person in February, because February means that winter is almost done.

Then this Nor'easter hit, and we had - in a 24 hour period:

1) Cold.
2) Snow.
3) Lots of snow.
4) So much snow that it buried the window ledges.
5) So much snow that the we had to shovel paths for the dogs through the back yard.
6) So much snow that our 30 year old snow blower up and died.
7) Seventeen inches of snow by 10AM.

In the coming hours we are expecting,

8) Thunder snow - that snow that is accompanied by thunder and lightning - 2-3 more inches
9) MORE snow on Friday and Saturday.

Now intellectually, I understand that next week, we are going to be in the 40s.  I also understand that the longest this stuff will stay on the ground is a week.

Still, I have great sympathy for the character actors of the past who played characters in far away places, beset by snow and cold, and who go through rye like its water saying things like "the snow the snow, oh my gosh, the SNOW!"


  1. Great minds think alike - I've just posted a snow rant of my own. It's all just too much, isn't it?

  2. I live in Northern Virginia, so I am feeling your pain. Spent the day shoveling snow in between trying to telecommute. My poor dogs are so confused-- they don't know where to do their business. Only our big furry dog with the double thick coat is enjoying it. Our maltese/dachshund foster dog was bouncing around in the snow like an otter, in great confusion. I am really ready for green again-- I just hope that the snow didn't kill the daffodils that were coming up in the yard.

    1. You hit the nail on the head with the dogs! In this snow they can't, as the vet says, "catch a scent". The husband dug them a series of paths through the back yard thinking that they would happily trot about, but they just seem lost. It will ALL be gone by next week.

  3. just another below zero morning here....just like the last 60!

    yes, it has been the winter of our discontent, to the nth.

  4. No snow here in Parma. Better move back.