Tuesday, December 10, 2013

No parent in their right mind would buy this for their children

What were the kind people at HASBRO thinking when they came up with this kiddie version of Russian Roulette for seven year olds?

But you have to watch the commercial to get to the most perverse aspect of this game was it's pie in the face aspect, it was something else:

Did you get that folks? At the .14 second mark?  You were supposed to ask your mother to buy a can of whipped cream so you make the pies.  Jesus, Mary and Joseph, canned whipped cream was expensive in 1968.  "I will not spend good money food that you are going waste on that silly game!"

Given the choice between wasting perfectly good food on this "game" and letting a ten year old you have the keys to the car so you could drive around, you'd get the keys to the Dodge.


  1. Here in Canada, we do that sort of thing to our politicians and call it “pieing.”

  2. How did they think that anyone was ever going to want to play that game? How does it work? Oh, you turn the thing then you get hit in the face with a pie or a wet sponge! Sound like fun? Um, no thanks.

  3. shall we pass the hat & get one for anita bryant?

  4. What a horrid idea! Hopefully the guy/group that came up with it were taken out of toy development section.

    And yeah I can just hear mothers across this country saying they arent going to waste good food that way.