Saturday, November 30, 2013

Whatever became of old what's his name, the Swinger?

So, this ad is from an old issue of Viva Magazine in 1974, which was Penthouse for women back in the day.

Seeing that it will soon be an astound 40 years since it ran in a couple of months, I ask the question, whatever became of these spokesmen for Jovan Musk - a cologne so closely associated with the 1970s that only patchouli could overcome it in my olfactory senses.

We have:

1) B. Van Sickle, Sportsman,

2) J. Fink, "Swinger"

3) B. Shipp, "Husband"

4) R. Hart, "Attorney"  -and -

5) K. Cawthorne, "College Student"

Anyone care to guess what their M.O. turned out to be?


  1. i can't tell you.
    i wore (and adored)
    monsieur houbigant musk cologne.

    i still have an old bottle.

  2. Err... The Village People? Jx

  3. I suspect Marsha ran off with Ingrid after a swinging session with
    the Shipps.

  4. At six whole dollars for a measly 3 ounce spray, they probably all wound up in the poor house......with syphilis.

  5. Is this Jovan Musk what Acqua di Selva was in the 50s ?

    (The original, not the re-formulated, modernised stuff.)

  6. What a wonderful entry from the 1970's time capsule. Just love it! It's a fairly skeevy bunch of spokesmen except for B. Shipp who is a bit of a DILF.

  7. So is it safe to assume you still have your entire subscription run too Viva filed away?