Sunday, June 9, 2019

Write your own description

"Two days after they messed up her order at Panera, perimenopausal, chain-smoking Karen was still upset that they forgot to add extra feta to her salad so she’s thinking about going back to speak with the manager." ~~~ Faith S. on Facebook

Cookie loves bad art.  In fact, I have several pieces hanging in my house because it brings me great joy. 

So when Cookie found this picture in a thrift store group and that description - and I couldn't write it any better than Faith, I had to share. 

But she looked more like a Judith to me.

Anyway, I invite you to write your own cutline about this painting and post it in the comments.section. 


  1. Caitlin Jenner was so annoyed at her latest wig-and-surgery combo, she almost took it out on the cat, but reached for the Marlboro instead... Jx

  2. well would you look at THAT! the neighbors just hung a TRUMP 2020 flag outside their house. there goes the neighborhood! I'm gonna collect some of fluffy's turds, put them in a brown bag, and fling it at their front door! THAT'LL SHOW THEM! now gimme a G&T and another marlboro!

  3. I HATE the Moth. Why won't they pick me?

  4. Margaret Keane thought she was really on to something when she stepped back and studied her portrait "Louisa in Blue with Mittens", but when her mother came in, took one look at the painting and screamed as she passed out on the floor, she knew she wasn't quite there yet.